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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

State Minister for Youths Affairs at the UAE Speaks Out to Sudan Vision

This Minister is the youngest Minister at the Arab homeland but she have big ideas in bearing responsibility  in the sisterly state United Arab Emirates.

Surely there are big challenges facing young people and there must be a strategy stemming from the youths themselves for solving these challenges
She added that the forum of Sudanese youths is a starting point for building a promising future demanding the states governments to give priority to the youths in decision taking so that the youths may be self-reliant.
First tell us how did you receive the news of your appointment as Minister of Youths Affairs at the United Arab Emirates at this young age and how were you selected?
Vice President of the state at the Council of Ministers has decided to look via twitter for a young man or a young lady to be appointed Minister for youths Affairs.
The office of the cabinet has liaised with universities looking for best students and I was working for sovereign fund at the Ministry of and Finance I was not aware that the university has nominated me for the post of Minister and afterwards the university notified me that I have an interview  at the Council of Ministers and I didn't know the cause of the interview and when I arrived at the council of Ministers I was assigned with the said  post.
has your study been  in line with the field of your work as your are at the early age?
I have studied economics at the University of Washington and I hold a diploma in economic sector along with a master degree in public policies studies
How did you do all these studies at this age and overcome all these challenges the credit is due to almighty Allah and afterwards to the United Arab Emirates State as the leadership of the United Arab Emirates believes in its youths and avails opportunities for them in all spheres to give them opportunities of bearing responsibility we as youths have to start work of innovation as the person must start and bear the responsibility of the family and stand by the side of his people and family. We learned from our country that there is nothing impossible if someone targets an objective he will realize it
Now I see the Sudanese youths have energies and capacities and we are impressed by the efforts of the Sudanese youths for their homeland, they have creative capacities.
Shamaa said if the government worked with the youths it will be able to build the best future on the ground and it will be able to tap their efforts and benefit from them as the land of Sudan is the land that deserves giving and effort.
She further said today the youths are responsible and we have to find a solution for all youth’s issues in the Arab homeland noting that launching this said forum is a historic moment and a serious start for all the youths in the Arab and African homeland.
Let us figure out during the coming couple of days radical solutions to the issue of the youths so that the youths may becoming leading in all spheres.
Did you aspire for Becoming a Minister?
No but I worked in the field of multiple investments particularly in the fields of things of no value and we transform them to valuable things like investing in the field of hotels and catering and drinking water.
Was easy to reconcile studies in different fields?
It is difficult but we as young people we must believe that success is from Almighty Allah and we must be diligent and work hard because this is an important matter in the life of the human as work  homeland serving is worshiping.
How do you evaluate the participation of the United Arab Emirates in the Sudanese  youths forum as there is and excellent attendance from the United Arab Emirates?
The forum is considered a starting point of the forum of the Arab-Sudanese forum as the forum focus on twelve  basic axes in the life of the Sudanese young people of both gender
It will be good to see that the decision makers , Sudanese Businessmen and Ministers are young people.
As it has been said by Sheikh Mansour  Bin Zayed the best people to know the spheres of youths are the youths themselves and we would like to see a harmony between generations.
Do You Think that There are Differences and Disparities or there is a commonalities  between youth in Sudan and the United Arab Emirates State?
I feel that there are huge commonalities between the youths of the two countries and one must focus on the youths as they are the hope and the spirit of the state and they have energy and their productivity is high and we must find a way to tap this power with them and for them.
You Mentioned that There are Challenges Facing the  Youths in the Arab world?
Yes there are huge challenges facing the youth in the world and not only in the Arab world as the biggest category in the world  is the category of the youths and noting that the youths play a pivotal role in different spheres in their countries. Today in this forum we are seeking a method by which the youths may be able to perform their role in full and we must seek method of engaging them in taking the decisions of the state with the government and highlight their initiatives.
Are Ideas only enough For Building Youths future?
Yes for example if everybody  has a small project he can create a job for himself and for the others. We must believe in our youths who may become businessmen in different spheres but we must start with the confidence and feeling responsible.
The experiment of the United Arab Emirates  is a leading experiment that started with trusting youths and empowering them leading to  achievements and success stories in different spheres . We have a girl heading space center and the flight  to Mars she is below  thirty years of age and a young man heading Dubai Center and  for a good future it is good to see the empowerment of the youths in all fields I feel that the  country of Sudan will realize many success stories.
Do you Believe  that Experience Will Reduce  opportunities of Assuming these Posts as there are Posts that Require Experiences?
On the contrary there are ministers of have big experience  and others who have no experience like me but at every post and every company one will have to strike a balance between the two parties but the persons who have experience are the ones who are capable of implementing the assignments and they are far seeing and we are complementary to each other and we can not do without each other.
Is there Initiatives By the United Arab Emirates to Sudanese Youths?
A selection of Arab youths will chosen  for  the joint projects.
You Said there are Youth Council Inside the council of Ministers in the United Arab Emirates is possible to transfer this experiment to Sudan?
The emirates Council of Youth came from his Highness who said I want sevens  selection of Emirates youths in the field of space , economy and sovereign fund  and I expect them to be Ministers be cause their accomplishments are  great and we hope to transfer the experiment to Sudan
Minister Shama Bint Suheil Al Mazroui , the state Minister for Youths affairs in      the United Arab Emirates that the youths are capable of building the future by their ability of accomplishment and innovation
She added upon her participating in the youths forum that work and youths production is a responsibility that makes it imperative to involve them  and availing opportunity for their creativity , innovations and view points  and that Sudan has graduated many cadres which we pride our selves with  them as Arabs