Current Date:

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Sudanese Embassies Banned from Carrying Procedure Related to Kidney Transplantation to Sudanese

(SUNA) - The Advisory Council for kidney diseases and surgery, chaired by the Federal Health Minister

, Bahar Iddris Abu Garda, has issued a decision preventing all the Sudanese embassies abroad, including the Sudan's Embassy in Cairo, from carrying out any procedure that related to the kidney's transplant operations, considering that to be part of duties of the Sudan's Advisory Board for Nephrology and Polyclinic Medicine and the National Medical Council.
The Federal Health Minister said that it is our duty to protect the citizens and the country from negative practices in the donation and donors operations.
He noted that this decision comes to spare the country the suspicions of human trafficking, indicating that the state plays its role in the localization of the transfer and transplantation of human organs, he warned the citizens from falling the trap of many external bodies that would blackmail them, and endanger their lives.
He asserted that the Sudan's embassy in Cairo has not issued "Since the mid of last June", any letter to the Egyptian authorities regarding the carrying out of kidney transplant for the Sudanese, the condition which Egyptian authorities require for carrying transplantation operations, adding that the Sudan's embassy will not do that in the future.
He stressed that any citizen has the right to decide where to perform surgical operations, but any citizen must abide by the permissible standards and, follow the procedures that preserve his and the country's rights.