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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Assessing Blood Bank Items Procurement and SupplyFirst Vice President Visits Council of Medical Specializations

(Dr. Rania Salah El-Din Babiker - Sudanese Medical Specialization Board) - The procurement and supply management system (PSM)

is essential in the provision of quality healthcare .It should guarantee timely supply of good quality affordable medicines. Often when the supply system of the blood bank requirement is not functioning properly, will lead either to serious hazards concerning TTS and blood compatibility problems in case of shortages, or to expired products and waste of funds in case of oversupply.
Assessment of the procurement and supply management system is required to measure the performance of all  PSM  activities .This study was conducted in the Central Medical Supplies Sudan to assess the procurement and supply management system of the Blood  Bank Items for the period August -2008 to August -2011 supplied by CMS to the Central Blood Bank.
The study concluded that the procurement and supply management system for BBI was acceptable in 65% of the items, and below the desired in 35% of the items. It was found that these items were absent in the WHO model medicines list 2010, since no model list that include medical devices, consumables and diagnostics is available. Model list is the standard for setting proper specifications. Forecasting was below the required but it was compensated by partial ordering practice .Procurement was altered by shortages in reliable supplier affecting the availability by delaying items arrival in full quantity in time, also shortages in reliable supplier decreased competition and increased procurement price .CMS has an efficient stock keeping record system . It was also found that Funds supplied by MOH and MOF on behalf of the Central Blood Bank were insufficient. Current managerial reforms will guarantee future supply management progress.